What is a skill worth?

February 09, 2014

Increasingly, it is clear to me that no one pays for skills. People only pay for skills if your skills can help them earn more money or save time (time is especially valuable for the wealthy).

"Customers don't care about your solution, they care about their problems."

Dave McClure

So, time to get back to the basics and follow the money and listen to the customers. It's all lemonade-stand economics!

One of the projects I took up last year was to try to save prospective coding students time by writing an e-book: Guide to Choosing Coding Coding Bootcamps. By measurement of number of readers, it's clear that I can do much better to improve the product.

The insight is, the readers don't care about skills I have. They only care about them to the extent that those skills might be applied to help them save time, or perhaps help them find a way to earn more money, or get ahead in career.

Are you listening to your customer's problems? No one cares about your solutions or skills.

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Keep looking up!


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