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March 24, 2014

Just wanted to let everyone know a few things about the site, especially those subscribing via email newsletter.

  • I currently use Jekyll to blog. I decided to migrate to octopress. is just a wrapper of sorts around Jekyll, so in the end they are similar technologies. But, I realized that Octopress is more refined and has the right balance of simplicity and features, so it makes sense to invest the effort now and plan to use it for the long haul.

    I decided not to over-engineer for the time being. The blog is fine.

  • I thought I would write weekly, but the truth is I write haphazardly. The reason is that I write not only here, but also for Product Management Fast Track and also planning to build out Choosing Coding Bootcamps. So, I decided I will aim for quality over quantity, and also recognize that I will be unable to commit to a rigid frequency.

  • Building on that last point, I decided to call this blog the Growth Blog, but I am still toying with the specific topic and an audience. I find that in some cases, people want to know how to build a community. Others want to know how to think about career transitions. They all relate to a theme of growth. Truth is, I am still chipping away at topic and focus, looking for that right intersection of stuff I enjoy talking about, and stuff that is actually relevant to my readers.

So that's it for now. Look for a few changes in the coming weeks (like the look and layout), and if you find bugs, would you please be patient with me and let me know?


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